Hex Row Part 1

Into the slums

With Mylo Darr’ra setting off to train for the wizard’s duel, Koosa, Adlmündr, and Thalor headed to The Mage’s Guild to talk to Rendelsham. They found him talking to a Deva Avenger, Sol Ah’Me. Rendelsham told them that the guild would like them to investigate an increased amount of crime, including robberies, assaults and kidnappings in Hex Row, a slum area of Talopram.

Before heading into Hex Row, they went to the Shopping District and visited Abe’s Armory and Tapestry Store, upgrading their equipment and passing on tapestries.

Moving into the slums, they instantly discovered that this was a bad neighborhood. They were attacked by would be robbers several times, as well as addicts carrying Voodoo Bowls. Much of the area appears to be addicted to Voodoo, an addictive practice of sapping magical items of their magic and injecting it directly into the vein.

Walking down the street they met Bubbly and his Mobile Haberdashery Unit from whom they bought several fanciful hats and one magic hat for Koosa.

Searching through abandoned houses, they found an Elven porn scroll, a number of addicts and, in one instance, a mage who had several homunculi protecting him. Koosa was able to get a Battleforged Heavy Shield off of him when they defeated him. Moving through the battles, they heard several mentions of a mysterious figure named Humboldt. Investigating further, they moved towards a large church at the corner of Spellbroke Alley and Halifass Road in hopes that they can find him and put an end to the attacks. Thalor headed back to the shopping district to pick up a few more potions and the rest explored some more areas of Hex Row.

Then Sol Ah’Me got lit on fire a LOT and everyone leveled up to level 4!

DMed by Clay.



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