Hex Row Part 2


After meeting back up with Thalor (who had been buying potions and fighting ruffians who caught him “meditating” to Elven Porn Scrolls),the group headed back towards a church in Hex Row that they had noticed the day before. Before entering the church, they attempted to enter a locked iron door in one of the slums, but only succeeded in accidentally shooting a passer by in the foot with one of Thalor’s arrows.

Inside the church they found a destroyed interior and a giant bonfire of pews. A number of voodoo addicts were there, lead by one crazy guy named Humboldt, who was wearing a make shift crown and insisting he was king. After defeating him and finding what treasure they could, they took a key that Humboldt had on him and headed back to the metal door.

Before they went into the door however, Sol Ah’Me decided to try some of this Voodoo and instantly became cracked out and addicted. He became very hard to predict.

Inside the metal door was a nicer house and a staircase. Sol Ah’Me grabbed the chamber pot, bounded down the stairs and hurled it into a room where, it turns out, a LOT of people were having a meeting. Also, a couple of young white dragons. In the ensuing fight, tables were knocked over, Sol Ah’Me ran and hid in a hallway by himself and everyone got handily defeated by the bad guys.

They woke up tied to chairs and being tortured by a dwarf who was named something like Galifinakis or Gomblestomper. He questioned them about what theMage’s Guild knew about “the plan” but this was news to the A Team. After breaking loose, Koos, Thalor and Adlmundr engaged in a fight with the Dwarf and his young dragon, while, once again, Sol Ah’Me ran down a hallway for some reason.

Having defeated the dragon, the three adventurers followed Sol Ah’Me only to find him peeking up into a room. They realize that the tunnel they had passed through traveled under the Mage’s Guild and up into a large forge where magic ingots were made. The one door in had been sealed shut from the inside, preventing anyone from the guild from stopping the people inside who were planting bombs. The leader of the group, and Eladrin named Doyle told them that they were going to blow up the guild and much of Talopram because of the guild’s strip mining of the mountains near Yggrir for magical ingots. This act of eco-terrorism would supposedly teach the guild a lesson about respecting Melora.

A battle began and instantly a very complex security system engage, making it difficult to move through the large room. With the clock ticking down to the detonation of the bombs, Adlmundr moved to disarm them while Koosa, Sol Ah’Me and Thalor engaged the eco-terrorists. With just about ten minutes to spare, the bombs were deactivated and the rest of the enemies were defeated.

On the way back out a long tunnel, they encountered a young Behir living in a small underground cave. In an effort to avoid a fight, they challenged it to a game of poker, which the Behir agreed to play. Koosa won the pot angering the Behir and the friendly game devolved into a fight.. After a long battle with the monster, only Koosa was left standing, and she was able to club the behir to death with her mace in the nick of time. They continued down the hallway and returned to Mylo’s Apartment.



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