Spider Forest Adventure

A fuckload of spiders.

Here’s the rough strokes of what we did in our first encounter…

Adlmündr the dwarven warden, Thalor the eladrin range, Mylo Darr’ra the half-elf sorcerer and Koosa the shifter cleric all met in a banquet room in the Talopram Mage’s Guild. An elder, Rendelsham, called them and other adventurers to meet to try to do something about recent attacks on the roads on the outskirts of town. Recently, shipments of magic ingots had been shanghaied and travelers injured, and a reward was put out for anyone who could put a stop to the attacks and recover the ingots.

Before setting out, they investigated some of Talopram’s bars, including The Epic Orb. There they met Orcni, which caused them to quickly head out on their main adventure.

Not long after setting out, they encountered Lumpkin and Bumpkin, some vaguely idiotic thugs from Bumblefuck who were also looking for the ingots. A battle ensued, and the group moved on, having defeated the thugs and their wolves. Left behind by the thugs was a mysterious Gold Lion Patch.

Following tracks into the Spider Forest, the group encountered more spiders than you can shake a stick at. Further into the forest, they encountered a cave bear that refused to die and a large number of eddercaps. At the forest’s deepest point, they encountered a mother blade spider and many other spiders and eddercaps. They bested it in battle and found the ingots and other treasure tucked inside of a massive tree. Also, Mylo had a “hunch” and took the blade spider’s fangs. During the battle, the trees in the forest caught fire, but were extinguished by Adlmündr’s cold powers.

On the way back to town, they encountered more eddercaps, one of which they took captive. After naming him Eddie and finding that he loved songs about Chocobos, the eddercap seems to have taken more than a platonic liking to Mylo.

The road to Talopram proved to be blocked by more thugs, these stronger than the last. In a long battle, the main thug escaped on horseback, while the others were defeated and dropped another Gold Lion Patch.

Back in town, Rendelsham gave the adventurer’s his thanks and a reward and they retired to Mylo’s apartment to crash on his futon.

Notable treasure recieved:

DMed by Berg. Final Level for group: 3.



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