A wandering haberdasher, selling magical hats made by a machine of his own design.


Bubbly (short for Bumble Froo’ook) was once a member of Talopram’s Mage’s Guild. However, he grew tired of the bureaucracy, and set-out to make his fortune with his gnomish knack for invention. After many attempts, Bubbly managed to create the first prototype of his Mobile Haberdashery Unit, or the MHU, for short.

While the MHU did indeed work, it was unstable, as it was powered by Bubbly’s own spells, which he “fed” into the machine each day to provide the raw material for new hats. Despite continuously working to iron out kinks in the design, the MHU eventually caused a scene in the Shopping District, when a patron’s new hat tightly wrapped his entire face, nearly suffocating him. After this incident, Bubbly and the MHU were banned from operating within the Shopping District (though this did lead Bubbly to design and implement an “emergency ejection” function.)

Sadly, though the MHU now (nearly always) works like a charm, Bubbly currently is forced to wander the lesser-known streets of Talopram, including dives like Hex Row, dragging the MHU along and attempting to entice passerby’s to part with 100 gold for one of the best fitting hats they are likely to encounter.

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