A Shifter Cleric who was raised by a den of wolves.


Koosa was a curious toddler, always getting into mischief, and that particular day was no different. Her tribe went out for one last hunt before heading out on their long journey to seek shelter from the brutal winter that was before them. She remembers followed the footprints of a wolf, not realizing that she had separated herself from the others. On he adventure she stumbled upon a den of wolves, yet instead of fear, felt a strong pull. While she passed the theirs playing with her new found lupine friends, her tribe searched high and low for her, but finally had to be on their way, and with no other choice, left her behind. It wasn’t until the night grew dark that she realized she had been abandoned.

She took to the wolves quickly, allowing them to care for her, while, as she grew older, learned to care for them as well. As she grew into her teenage years, her mischievous side grew strong again, and many a nights she would sneak out and venture into neighboring villages, breaking into homes and stealing necessities as well as various treasures. Their wise pack leader was the only one who knew of her misadventures and strongly cautioned her against them, but she refused to listen. One night, after sneaking out, she returned to the den to find that they had come under attack. Their home had been ransacked, many of the wolves, her family, had been seriously injured, and their pack leader had been slain. Using her cleric powers of healing, she was able to restore the injured, but losing their pack leader was devastating. To this day she still blames herself for his death and swears revenge on the still unknown assailant.


Ambythia debtarica