An elder employed by the Mage's Guild.


Rendelsham acts as a sort of liason between the newly-formed ERF (Errand Running Force) and the Mage’s Guild. Thus far, he has given the party any assignments, tips, leads, and other tasks that the Guild has seen fit.

As a cog in the bureaucratic machine of the Mage’s Guild, Rendelsham spends much of his time in the guild meeting hall, interacting mostly with Interns and the occasional adventuring group. It is perhaps this somewhat secluded position which causes him to desperately attempt to make friends with any and all who he comes in contact with. While in small doses he can be ingratiating, most individuals have a difficult time carrying on a conversation with Rendelsham for longer than a half-hour.

He is an avid fan of magical duels, and reads The Daily Dueler.

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