A pubeless child of Eladrin royalty that was kidnapped and held prisoner by Drow for many years.


Thalor is the child of Eladrin royalty. His parent’s were two of the most noble and respected figures to their group of Eladrins. Like his parents, he carries a mark of Eladrin royalty over his right shoulder blade. However, at the age of one the wicked Drow attacked his Eladrin village. With all of the village engaged in battle, a small group of Drow managed to sneak in and kidnap the adorable baby Thalor.

Taken many many miles away from his home village Thalor was held captive by the Drow in a cave. Finally, after 15 years in captivity Thalor had developed the strength and cunning to outwit his captors and escape his prison. However, escape from his one small prison only forced him to survive in the larger “prison” that was the cave. On his own for the first time Thalor learned how to survive. He taught himself to use a bow in order to hunt for food from the shadows, and also was constantly forced to hide from his former Drow captors that patrolled the caves.

After years spent in the darkness Thalor discovered a way out. In this new light of day he discovered a mysterious mark on his back. He journeyed to town to seek answers, but finding himself wary of people, he choose to live in a nearby forest.

Thalor also has no pubes.


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