Under The Guild
A secret passage under the Mage's Guild is opened...

Mylo Darr’ra was startled to find a Deva in a tiny hat, Sol Ah’Me, in his apartment along with the rest of the E.R.F. After introductions were made, and Sol finished knocking over many of Mylo’s belongings, Adlmundr decided he was going to set off to Yggrir to investigate the allegations of environmental destruction in the mountains that the eco-terrorists in the Mage’s Guild bomb plot spoke of. The rest of the E.R.F. headed out to the shopping district, leaving Adlmundr The Dog behind to watch the apartment and poop on Mylo’s bed.

In the shopping district, they visited Nate at Abe’s Armory and sold a number of items. Mylo bought an incredibly stupid looking honey dagger. They then bought potions from [[Kevin’s Apothecary & Opium Den | Kevin’s Apothecary & Opium Den]], but turned down the offer of a guest pass to the opium room in the back. In the streets, they encountered a haggard looking Tiefling who was prophesying about “the end.” He held a large sign reading “5144 is the END!!!!!” and ranted at the E.R.F. about the planes being brought together to create armageddon by “the cult.” The heroes ignored him and moved on.

Stopping by the The Mage’s Guild, they found Rendelsham setting up his own birthday party. He gave them matching potion belts and as a last minute gift, Thalor gave him the Elven Porn Scroll. Rendlesham seemed to enjoy it. Busy with the party prep, he sends them away, out of the guild.

Outside, they encountered Mrs. Kitna, a grieving mother mourning the loss of her son, Alistair. After slapping Mylo in the face several times, she revealed that he was a construction worker working on repairs to the damage to the Guild that Mylo’s magical explosion caused. 5 days earlier, he had gone into a passage that was discovered by the workers and exposed by the explosion and never come back. The E.R.F. investigated further and finds the construction site with a number of workers standing around. They spoke to Padgor, the site foreman who told them that they’d discovered a passageway that wasn’t on any of the blueprints. 5 guys, including Alistair went down, and the only one they’ve seen since was Cynvio, who’s mangled body they pulled from the bottom of the stairs. After paying dues to join the Construction Worker’s Union, they headed down into the tunnel.

Under the guild, Koosa immediately slipped in cave slime, getting covered in the goo. Exploring the underground passageway, they found a series of abyssal runes written on the floor and walls of several rooms, though many of the runes looked damage, presumably by the explosion in the guild. These underground rooms all seemed to be much older than the rest of the guild. After fighting oozes and slimes, they noticed a tapestry in a large room with the image of a set of scales on it hanging on the wall, indicating that this place had something to do with Bahamut. Also, Sol Ah’Me got stuck in a green slime.

Exploring further, they found more slimes and oozes in the area, as well as a few natural rooms, including a den or elementals and a large cenote that showed they were at least 80 feet underground. An underground river flowed through the series of tunnels, and a gelatinous cube nearly dragged Thalor and Sol Ah’Me to the bottom of it, while Mylo and Koosa repeatedly attacked and ran away from a green slime.

After the fight in the cenote, they searched the area and found a metal box containing a magic dagger. The box had an engraving on it of what looked like a hoof in some sort of seal. They also discovered a body of one of the construction workers, partially dissolved and stuck in the roots of a tree descending from a hole in the cenote ceiling. Guessing by what they could see through the hole, they were able to figure out that they were now under either a park, or a greener, more wealthy part of Talopram.

They pushed on and found another hallway, this one looking different than the others in that it was carved, not geomanced. This hll was severely damaged, and while trying to pass through, they caused it to collapse behind them, spilling them into a roughly carved hallway along with more slimes and jellies, one of which appeared to be in the process of dissolving a human arm. They also discovered several light sources that supplied the dim light in the room, as well as served as traps. After defeating the monsters, they found a tattoo stone on the arm, and spent a long time fiddling with the lights. They eventually decided to drag a statue of Asmodeus that was in the room into one of the lights, shattering it. Wraiths burst out and cackled at them, before disappearing into the walls.

Looking around, they realized that they were very close to at least 2 Duergars, and so constructed a small hiding space in the rubble and waited there until they had the strength to move on…

Hex Row Part 2

After meeting back up with Thalor (who had been buying potions and fighting ruffians who caught him “meditating” to Elven Porn Scrolls),the group headed back towards a church in Hex Row that they had noticed the day before. Before entering the church, they attempted to enter a locked iron door in one of the slums, but only succeeded in accidentally shooting a passer by in the foot with one of Thalor’s arrows.

Inside the church they found a destroyed interior and a giant bonfire of pews. A number of voodoo addicts were there, lead by one crazy guy named Humboldt, who was wearing a make shift crown and insisting he was king. After defeating him and finding what treasure they could, they took a key that Humboldt had on him and headed back to the metal door.

Before they went into the door however, Sol Ah’Me decided to try some of this Voodoo and instantly became cracked out and addicted. He became very hard to predict.

Inside the metal door was a nicer house and a staircase. Sol Ah’Me grabbed the chamber pot, bounded down the stairs and hurled it into a room where, it turns out, a LOT of people were having a meeting. Also, a couple of young white dragons. In the ensuing fight, tables were knocked over, Sol Ah’Me ran and hid in a hallway by himself and everyone got handily defeated by the bad guys.

They woke up tied to chairs and being tortured by a dwarf who was named something like Galifinakis or Gomblestomper. He questioned them about what theMage’s Guild knew about “the plan” but this was news to the A Team. After breaking loose, Koos, Thalor and Adlmundr engaged in a fight with the Dwarf and his young dragon, while, once again, Sol Ah’Me ran down a hallway for some reason.

Having defeated the dragon, the three adventurers followed Sol Ah’Me only to find him peeking up into a room. They realize that the tunnel they had passed through traveled under the Mage’s Guild and up into a large forge where magic ingots were made. The one door in had been sealed shut from the inside, preventing anyone from the guild from stopping the people inside who were planting bombs. The leader of the group, and Eladrin named Doyle told them that they were going to blow up the guild and much of Talopram because of the guild’s strip mining of the mountains near Yggrir for magical ingots. This act of eco-terrorism would supposedly teach the guild a lesson about respecting Melora.

A battle began and instantly a very complex security system engage, making it difficult to move through the large room. With the clock ticking down to the detonation of the bombs, Adlmundr moved to disarm them while Koosa, Sol Ah’Me and Thalor engaged the eco-terrorists. With just about ten minutes to spare, the bombs were deactivated and the rest of the enemies were defeated.

On the way back out a long tunnel, they encountered a young Behir living in a small underground cave. In an effort to avoid a fight, they challenged it to a game of poker, which the Behir agreed to play. Koosa won the pot angering the Behir and the friendly game devolved into a fight.. After a long battle with the monster, only Koosa was left standing, and she was able to club the behir to death with her mace in the nick of time. They continued down the hallway and returned to Mylo’s Apartment.

Hex Row Part 1
Into the slums

With Mylo Darr’ra setting off to train for the wizard’s duel, Koosa, Adlmündr, and Thalor headed to The Mage’s Guild to talk to Rendelsham. They found him talking to a Deva Avenger, Sol Ah’Me. Rendelsham told them that the guild would like them to investigate an increased amount of crime, including robberies, assaults and kidnappings in Hex Row, a slum area of Talopram.

Before heading into Hex Row, they went to the Shopping District and visited Abe’s Armory and Tapestry Store, upgrading their equipment and passing on tapestries.

Moving into the slums, they instantly discovered that this was a bad neighborhood. They were attacked by would be robbers several times, as well as addicts carrying Voodoo Bowls. Much of the area appears to be addicted to Voodoo, an addictive practice of sapping magical items of their magic and injecting it directly into the vein.

Walking down the street they met Bubbly and his Mobile Haberdashery Unit from whom they bought several fanciful hats and one magic hat for Koosa.

Searching through abandoned houses, they found an Elven porn scroll, a number of addicts and, in one instance, a mage who had several homunculi protecting him. Koosa was able to get a Battleforged Heavy Shield off of him when they defeated him. Moving through the battles, they heard several mentions of a mysterious figure named Humboldt. Investigating further, they moved towards a large church at the corner of Spellbroke Alley and Halifass Road in hopes that they can find him and put an end to the attacks. Thalor headed back to the shopping district to pick up a few more potions and the rest explored some more areas of Hex Row.

Then Sol Ah’Me got lit on fire a LOT and everyone leveled up to level 4!

DMed by Clay.

Spider Forest Adventure
A fuckload of spiders.

Here’s the rough strokes of what we did in our first encounter…

Adlmündr the dwarven warden, Thalor the eladrin range, Mylo Darr’ra the half-elf sorcerer and Koosa the shifter cleric all met in a banquet room in the Talopram Mage’s Guild. An elder, Rendelsham, called them and other adventurers to meet to try to do something about recent attacks on the roads on the outskirts of town. Recently, shipments of magic ingots had been shanghaied and travelers injured, and a reward was put out for anyone who could put a stop to the attacks and recover the ingots.

Before setting out, they investigated some of Talopram’s bars, including The Epic Orb. There they met Orcni, which caused them to quickly head out on their main adventure.

Not long after setting out, they encountered Lumpkin and Bumpkin, some vaguely idiotic thugs from Bumblefuck who were also looking for the ingots. A battle ensued, and the group moved on, having defeated the thugs and their wolves. Left behind by the thugs was a mysterious Gold Lion Patch.

Following tracks into the Spider Forest, the group encountered more spiders than you can shake a stick at. Further into the forest, they encountered a cave bear that refused to die and a large number of eddercaps. At the forest’s deepest point, they encountered a mother blade spider and many other spiders and eddercaps. They bested it in battle and found the ingots and other treasure tucked inside of a massive tree. Also, Mylo had a “hunch” and took the blade spider’s fangs. During the battle, the trees in the forest caught fire, but were extinguished by Adlmündr’s cold powers.

On the way back to town, they encountered more eddercaps, one of which they took captive. After naming him Eddie and finding that he loved songs about Chocobos, the eddercap seems to have taken more than a platonic liking to Mylo.

The road to Talopram proved to be blocked by more thugs, these stronger than the last. In a long battle, the main thug escaped on horseback, while the others were defeated and dropped another Gold Lion Patch.

Back in town, Rendelsham gave the adventurer’s his thanks and a reward and they retired to Mylo’s apartment to crash on his futon.

Notable treasure recieved:

DMed by Berg. Final Level for group: 3.


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