Abe's Armory

Abe’s Armory stands as a monument to the retail trade of low-cost/high-quality arms and armor. With stores in both Talopram and Yggrir, it is the first “chain” of stores in Ambythia. A pioneer in loss-leader items (namely, daggers of any shape or size), Abe’s Armory can still be trusted to provide quality deals on occasion, though their supplies fluctuate greatly.

Abe’s Armory locations are also notorious for their scarcity of magical items, though most clerks will reluctantly look in the backrooms when asked, occasionally managing to find an impressive piece tucked away in the corner. These are often second-hand items that have recently been purchased by Abe’s Second-Hand, Second-Chance program.

Talopram Location

Nestled in the heart of the Shopping District, the Talopram branch of Abe’s Armory is the more profitable of the two stores. They also were the first store to rollout the “Second-Hand, Second-Chance” program, a system to buy arms and armor back from roving adventurers, thereby lowering the store’s reliance on middle-man arms dealers.

In Talopram, the 2H,2C program is run mainly by part-time works, such as Nate, an affable young man who works part-time at Abe’s Armory in order to pay his way through the winter session of his internship at The Mage’s Guild.

Yggrir Location


Abe's Armory

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