Located at a main trading crossroads, The City of Talopram is a major metropolitan center in Ambythia. The city government is run by the local Mage’s Guild, a large institution plagued by notoriously cumbersome bureaucracy, and a surplus of interns. Talopram is a city seething with magic. At night, orbs of pure magic light the streets, and the city’s denizens enjoy rooting for their favorite wizards in bracket-type double elimination wizard duels held year-round at the wizard’s guild. A small team of high level wizards police the city using scrying devices from deep within the halls of the guild, and life is generally good. Talopram is made distinct by the strict division it places between the magical and the divine, having long since amicably separated themselves from the Cult of Bahamut, a popular regional religion who now makes their home by the enigmatic shrine of seven dragons to the north. According to Talopram’s board of tourism, “There’s Something For Everyone In Talopram.”

Local Establishments:

The Mage’s Guild

The Epic Orb

The Talopram Teat

The Shopping District: A bustling bazaar to the south of the Mage’s Guild, The Shopping District is home to a large array of shops, including both smaller, “mom-and-pop” shops, and larger retailers.

Abe’s Armory


Church of Pelor



Tapestry Store

Other Places of Interest:

Mylo’s Apartment

Hex Row

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