A mining town built into a dormant volcano. Yggrir is a city of industry. Whereas Talopram is sometimes viewed as a city of know-it-all wizards who care for little other than the history and nature of magic and spellcraft, Yggrir is a city of hard-working, blue-collar men and women. Mining raw magic is taxing, and the toll it takes on the lives of those who do it is evident. The miners of Yggrir are rough around the edges, and don’t particularly care whether or not that bothers you. As if the mining wasn’t hard enough on it’s own, the citizens of Yggrir have for several years now been forced to deal with Yggrir’s booming tourism industry, based on year-round sledracing competitions held in the dormant volcano crater above the city. The tourists, more often than not, are the idiot descendants of the Dralto clan, who made a seemingly inexhaustible fortune by discovering and patenting the process by which magic is harvested and stored. Nowhere moreso than in Yggrir is the line between the upper and lower classes made clearer.

Known also for its yearly sled races, which are very popular with tourists. Also popular with tourists is the facade at Grummond’s Mine.

Grummond's Mine At Night

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