Under The Guild

A secret passage under the Mage's Guild is opened...

Mylo Darr’ra was startled to find a Deva in a tiny hat, Sol Ah’Me, in his apartment along with the rest of the E.R.F. After introductions were made, and Sol finished knocking over many of Mylo’s belongings, Adlmundr decided he was going to set off to Yggrir to investigate the allegations of environmental destruction in the mountains that the eco-terrorists in the Mage’s Guild bomb plot spoke of. The rest of the E.R.F. headed out to the shopping district, leaving Adlmundr The Dog behind to watch the apartment and poop on Mylo’s bed.

In the shopping district, they visited Nate at Abe’s Armory and sold a number of items. Mylo bought an incredibly stupid looking honey dagger. They then bought potions from [[Kevin’s Apothecary & Opium Den | Kevin’s Apothecary & Opium Den]], but turned down the offer of a guest pass to the opium room in the back. In the streets, they encountered a haggard looking Tiefling who was prophesying about “the end.” He held a large sign reading “5144 is the END!!!!!” and ranted at the E.R.F. about the planes being brought together to create armageddon by “the cult.” The heroes ignored him and moved on.

Stopping by the The Mage’s Guild, they found Rendelsham setting up his own birthday party. He gave them matching potion belts and as a last minute gift, Thalor gave him the Elven Porn Scroll. Rendlesham seemed to enjoy it. Busy with the party prep, he sends them away, out of the guild.

Outside, they encountered Mrs. Kitna, a grieving mother mourning the loss of her son, Alistair. After slapping Mylo in the face several times, she revealed that he was a construction worker working on repairs to the damage to the Guild that Mylo’s magical explosion caused. 5 days earlier, he had gone into a passage that was discovered by the workers and exposed by the explosion and never come back. The E.R.F. investigated further and finds the construction site with a number of workers standing around. They spoke to Padgor, the site foreman who told them that they’d discovered a passageway that wasn’t on any of the blueprints. 5 guys, including Alistair went down, and the only one they’ve seen since was Cynvio, who’s mangled body they pulled from the bottom of the stairs. After paying dues to join the Construction Worker’s Union, they headed down into the tunnel.

Under the guild, Koosa immediately slipped in cave slime, getting covered in the goo. Exploring the underground passageway, they found a series of abyssal runes written on the floor and walls of several rooms, though many of the runes looked damage, presumably by the explosion in the guild. These underground rooms all seemed to be much older than the rest of the guild. After fighting oozes and slimes, they noticed a tapestry in a large room with the image of a set of scales on it hanging on the wall, indicating that this place had something to do with Bahamut. Also, Sol Ah’Me got stuck in a green slime.

Exploring further, they found more slimes and oozes in the area, as well as a few natural rooms, including a den or elementals and a large cenote that showed they were at least 80 feet underground. An underground river flowed through the series of tunnels, and a gelatinous cube nearly dragged Thalor and Sol Ah’Me to the bottom of it, while Mylo and Koosa repeatedly attacked and ran away from a green slime.

After the fight in the cenote, they searched the area and found a metal box containing a magic dagger. The box had an engraving on it of what looked like a hoof in some sort of seal. They also discovered a body of one of the construction workers, partially dissolved and stuck in the roots of a tree descending from a hole in the cenote ceiling. Guessing by what they could see through the hole, they were able to figure out that they were now under either a park, or a greener, more wealthy part of Talopram.

They pushed on and found another hallway, this one looking different than the others in that it was carved, not geomanced. This hll was severely damaged, and while trying to pass through, they caused it to collapse behind them, spilling them into a roughly carved hallway along with more slimes and jellies, one of which appeared to be in the process of dissolving a human arm. They also discovered several light sources that supplied the dim light in the room, as well as served as traps. After defeating the monsters, they found a tattoo stone on the arm, and spent a long time fiddling with the lights. They eventually decided to drag a statue of Asmodeus that was in the room into one of the lights, shattering it. Wraiths burst out and cackled at them, before disappearing into the walls.

Looking around, they realized that they were very close to at least 2 Duergars, and so constructed a small hiding space in the rubble and waited there until they had the strength to move on…



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